With our 2022 schedule published, one of the new classes we’re adding to select race days is the Bower Hill Nostalgia Iron Muscle Class. Here are the rules and description for the class:

This class is designed to bring back memories of the old days of drag racing. Old Detroit muscle the way it used to be, with bottom bulb foot braking, cars with names on side, and 1/4 mile racing. There are many cars sitting in our market that we would love to see back on the track.

Open to all 1978 and earlier door cars, including full size Nostalgia S/SS, IHRA/NHRA S/SS. Small and Big Block modified production cars (ie Dusters, Chevy II’s, etc.). All steel door cars only, factory dash and front subframe required. No chassis cars. No nitrous or power adders with exception of period correct blowers. No electronics of any kind except standard transmission may have a 2 step. No delay boxes or stutter boxes. Shifting must be manual; no air or electric shifters allowed. Carburetors and fuel injected only. Correct GMC top mounted blowers are ok. All must retain 1978 appearance. Cars must be period correct and maintain a nostalgia look. Minimum accepted window stickers, period correct lettering on car is highly encouraged. Car must retain OEM stance. Only add on is a period correct hood scoop. Bracket racing on the 1/4 mile with .400 full tree, no deep staging allowed, 14.00 and quicker elapsed time, must dial to the nearest .05 or 0. Locking up the brakes or sandbagging is an automatic disqualification.

Thank you to Pat at Bower Hill Auto Body for sponsoring the class. If there are any businesses that would like to partner with us for this, any of our classes, race days, or events, please email us – amber@keystoneracewaypark.com – or send us a DM.